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Milestone XProtect - The Heart of your Camera System that lasts forever

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Choosing Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) means you will never need to look for another CCTV management system again.

As the global No. 1 VMS provider, Milestone offers a video management solution for every business and application. XProtect is fully scalable to any size and its true Open Platform architecture supports the largest range of devices from all main CCTV and security manufacturers. The flexibility XProtect offers means you can easily expand, upgrade or add functionalities as your business evolves.

Build your CCTV system on a solid foundation that works and lasts, build it with Milestone XProtect.

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The Power of XProtect

Milestone Care Plus

Milestone Care Plus gives you access to frequent Milestone XProtect updates, ensuring your investment in the system will be protected for the long run. There are typically two or three software updates a year, giving you access to the latest technology and functionalities, making your system ever more powerful, while you can have peace of mind that your system remains protected against cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.

Find the XProtect product right for you

Clients included with each XProtect product

Smart Client

Milestone’s powerful, all-in-one PC client for fully-featured intuitive control of your CCTV security system regardless of system size.

Web Client

Accessed via any web browser, Milestone’s Web Client is ideal for remote or occasional users.  No need to install any software.

Mobile Client

Industry leading mobile app. Secure remote access and control on the go via smart phone or tablets.

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Add-ons for XProtect products

XProtect Smart Wall
XProtect Smart Wall

Powerful control room interface for effective management of situations. For the most security-critical sites

XProtect Rapid REVIEW
XProtect Rapid REVIEW

Intelligent analytics application enabling forensic search to find the evidence you are looking for quickly. Ideal for larger systems

XProtect Access
XProtect Access

Combine video with access control to improve the security of your premises and buildings

XProtect LPR
XProtect LPR

Vehicle access control and manage car parks with integrated automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

XProtect Transact
XProtect Transact

Pair transactional data with video, ideal for point-of-sale, and track and trace applications using barcode and QR scanning

XProtect Plugins
XProtect Plugins

Ready support for a range of plugins for additional control and functionality in the Smart Client

XProtect Retail
XProtect Retail

Reduce fraud and shrinkage by using transaction data from POS systems or cash machines with corresponding video

XProtect Screen Recorder
XProtect Screen Recorder

Records what’s going on on-screen. Ideal for staff training and management, as well as transactional evidence

XProtect Server Failover
XProtect Server Failover

Protect the Management Server to ensure operators and administrators will have continuous access to the system

Milestone Interconnect
Milestone Interconnect

Allows multiple, geographically separated Milestone Systems to be connected and managed from a central location

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Devices supported


Customer sites worldwide


Open platform technology providers

Milestone Husky IVO recording servers for XProtect

Milestone Husky IVO is a range of recording servers optimised for use with the Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS). Built with Dell Technologies hardware and support, Husky IVO servers are fully tested for optimal performance with XProtect and provide a trusted, single source solution. Benefit from five year warranty, including HDDs, and Dell’s extended support network for reliable back up.

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Why use Milestone XProtect?

Powerful Control
  • Feature-rich, intuitive Smart Client operator interface
  • State-of-the-art combined technologies deliver rich video information to you, fast
  • Facilitates centralised control, remote control and control on the go
Flexible and Scalable
  • Open Platform, can be used with all main CCTV and security brands
  • Wide integration with the latest innovations from the industry
  • Adaptable and fully scalable for when your needs change and business grows
Long-term Reliability
  • Reliable, robust and future-proof platform
  • Care Plus provides frequent updates so your system stays modern and secure, always
  • Investing in XProtect means you’re protected for the long term

Intelligent Analytics integration with XProtect

A wide range of Intelligent Analytics can be integrated with XProtect to make your business work even smarter. Integrations include popular functions such as Forensic Search, Object Classification, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, ANPR, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for tracking and tracing, Facial Recognition for access control, and other alert triggers such as video-based Heat and Smoke Detection. There is a wide spectrum of analytics available to tailor XProtect to your specific needs.

Learn more about Intelligent Analytics

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect is a range of integrations and tools that optimise the performance of Axis cameras, speakers etc in the Milestone XProtect video management system. It helps installers, support technicians and system administrators save a lot of time and effort to configure and maintain an Axis – Milestone system. This optimised integration and efficiency is a key reason why NW is able to offer comprehensive support for Axis – Milestone combined systems at highly competitive rates. The deep integration between Axis and Milestone means it just works.

Extend your Milestone System into the Cloud

Never run out of storage space with Storage Bridge for Milestone XProtect. Developed by Milestone partner Tiger Technology, Storage Bridge enables the seamless extension of your storage infrastructure with any cloud provider. It allows for cost-effective hybrid and off-premise storage solutions and will remove the bottlenecks and associated costs posed by on-premise hardware when adding more cameras or requiring longer video retention times. Additionally, Storage Bridge offers fast disaster recovery and ensures business continue.

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