The Surveillance Camera Commissioner “Buyers Toolkit”

Jul 16, 2018

by Daniel Miller

On the 25th of May 2018, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) external link icon published the “CCTV Buyers Toolkit”, primarily aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-businesses.

We are very pleased to see the publication of this toolkit, as we appreciate how difficult it is for end users not only to choose the appropriate surveillance system for their business, but also to assess the quality and reliability of the advice that they’re receiving from security providers. The CCTV Buyers Toolkit will be a great help to end users making better informed selections.

The Buyers Toolkit not only offers great guidelines on matters such as how to avoid some very common and easily overlooked mistakes that could compromise the efficiency of their surveillance system, but it also addresses the fact that a surveillance system is not always the answer.

Too often we see providers offering a surveillance system as the main solutions to issues that would be better resolved with different mitigation measures; in this regards the toolkit brings up a very important question that is not always asked by either providers or end users : is surveillance (alone) the right solution to tackle the problems?

In a world where businesses need to be constantly on alert to protect their assets and people, security buyers are focusing on the quality of the services they procure, and are looking for upfront advice, meaning that the answer may not be “you need to install more cameras”, but instead “let’s sit down together, asses the risks that your business is facing and identify the best risk management approach.

If you are responsible for CCTV or security in your organisation we encourage you to download and read the CCTV Buyers Toolkit and assess your CCTV provision against the advice and tips provided. It will help you decide whether all is in good order or if improvements or changes should be made.

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