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XProtect Add-ons from Milestone are tailored to more sector-specific needs and provide additional functionality to stay in control of your business.

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Customise your XProtect video management system to your specific needs with a range of XProtect Add-ons created by Milestone. Powerful features for large control rooms are offered by XProtect Smart Wall and Rapid Review, whilst retailers can benefit from XProtect Retail and XProtect Transact, and the integration of your building’s access control system into XProtect is made seamless with XProtect Access.

In addition to Milestone’s own XProtect Add-ons there are hundreds of third-party integrations that can help you achieve what your business requires. We are to help you with making your choices.

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XProtect Rapid Review

Makes finding information faster than ever

Using intelligent video analytics, XProtect Rapid Review enables fast, multi-camera investigations via forensic search filters that drill down to the video evidence you need in minimum time. XProtect Rapid Review offers huge, additional efficiency for control rooms with a larger number of cameras. It is also ideal for high-security sites, or crowded environments, such as city centres and public attractions, where investigative searches are part of daily routine.

XProtect Smart Wall

More situational awareness and quicker responses

For when security is a top priority, XProtect Smart Wall provides CCTV operators with maximum situational awareness and presents the most relevant information in custom display layouts. XProtect Smart Wall enables effective management of situations and incidents, facilitating quick information exchange and a coordinated response between operators and managers. XProtect Smart Wall is fully integrated with the XProtect Smart Client, creating the optimum management system for control rooms.

XProtect Transact

Pair transactional data with video to check transactions

XProtect Transact extracts transactional data from barcode scanner systems, such as point-of-sale (POS) systems, and pairs the data with camera images, enabling individual transactions to be checked for errors or theft. XProtect Transact is a highly effective tool in retail to counteract shrinkage, whilst in logistics it is put to effective use for tracking shipments and parcels.

XProtect Retail

Reduce shrinkage and increase profits

Did the customer pay for every item at the self-checkout? Is a till operator part of fraudulent activity? XProtect Retail answers these questions using video-in-transaction data analysis. By combining POS data with video images, XProtect Retail helps to identify theft and fraudulent transactions and can send alerts about suspicious activity, including unauthorised discounts or refunds.

XProtect LPR

Automatic License Plate Recognition

In simple terms, XProtect LPR reads a number plate that is showing in a camera image and puts the number in a database. Registration numbers can be verified against a pre-created list to authorise or deny access to a site or car park, ideal for vehicle access control. Video images of a vehicle arriving or departing are easily found, simply by performing a number search. XProtect LPR gives you control over vehicles coming and going, where and when.

XProtect Access

Improve security at doors and entrances

Visually verify who enters your premises and where people are going in your business. XProtect Access enables integration of your access control system into the XProtect video management system to ensure only authorised people will gain access. XProtect Access is very flexible and can be used to remotely control access to buildings, it can be used with multiple access control systems and show these in the single XProtect interface, whilst it can handle large systems with thousands of doors.

XProtect Management Server Failover

High availability for critical security systems

XProtect Management Server Failover (MSF) creates a video surveillance system you can rely on 24/7/365. By automatically switching to a secondary Management Server when the primary Management Server experiences a failure, XProtect MSF ensures that system users and administrators continue to have access to all system components at all times.

XProtect Screen Recorder

Audit critical data handling

An effective tool for auditing people who handle sensitive or critical data, such as financial information, sensitive personal details, or secretive information. XProtect Screen Recorder allows you to record on-screen activity of any Windows PC or point-of-sale terminal. Captured screen recordings are managed in the XProtect video management system the same way as camera images are recorded, enabling search, playback and export of any screen recording by an authorised person for when an audit or investigation is required.

Milestone Suspect Tracking

Making Milestone operators' tasks easier

With systems monitored 24/7 the security of the site is only as good as the operators watching the feeds and responding to incidents. The Milestone Suspect Tracking plugin helps operators to both track intruders and learn the site from within the Milestone Smart Client. New operators often struggle with this and via clickable hot zones placed on screen, operators can easily and swiftly move between cameras.

Patient monitoring

XProtect Hospital Assist

With hospitals and care settings of all types being under pressure, staff and managers can benefit from tools which make operations easier. XProtect Hospital Assist is an add-on for Milestone XProtect which enables more effective patient monitoring and rapid response to incidents.

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