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Axis Camera Station – A unified management system optimised for Axis network devices to give you the control you need to protect and manage your business effectively.

Powerful and easy to use, Axis Camera Station is the smart system of choice for many businesses

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Smooth operation is guaranteed with Axis Camera Station at the heart of your visual control system. Ideal for security as well as operational efficiency, Axis Camera Station brings together the power of connected, smart Axis devices to put you in control of what happens in your business.

  • User friendly, easy to learn and use for everyone
  • Comprising cameras, speakers, access control, radar detection & intelligent analytics, and more
  • Single vendor solution with strong vendor support
  • Handy Axis support tools that reduce time and cost spent on installation and maintenance
  • Industry-leading cyber security

With Axis your investment is protected for the long term.
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CCTV Security and Operational Efficiency

Axis Camera Station is feature rich and allows you to control many aspects of your business over and above safety and security. Speakers and microphones can be added, providing two-way audio communication and the ability to issue warnings. Access control and video intercom systems at doors and entrances can be added, enabling remote entry control. Body worn cameras can be incorporated for the protection of front line staff, while radar detection and analytical intelligence is available to create a smart system that elevates your security as well as your overall business performance.

Control who’s entering your business

Secure Entry is an add-on module for Axis Camera Station to create a seamless video and access control management system with a single, user-friendly interface. You will be in full control of who’s entering your premises and where people are going. See and speak to who’s visiting, and control entry from a remote location. Receive automated alerts in case of incidents or attempted security breaches. Using Axis Network Door Controllers and Axis token readers the system can support up to 10,000 users and up to 128 doors per server. With Axis QR Code Reader, simply create a QR code for trusted visitors who can use their mobile phone to gain validated entry at specific date and time windows.

Smart Search

Find the video footage you are after quickly with Smart Search. For example, you can search for persons by the colour of their clothing and filter for different vehicle types and their colour. You can also filter by the direction of travel, draw zones of interest and select the cameras and time windows to include. Powered by Axis Object Analytics on the Axis camera there is no additional license or cost to the Smart Search feature.

Axis Camera Station software and hardware

Axis Camera Station is available as a software solution for installation on your own server hardware, or as a ready Axis server with Axis Camera Station embedded. Axis servers offer an out-of-the-box ready Axis Camera Station recording solution optimised for use with Axis network devices. Validated for reliability and high performance, the Axis Camera Station server series offer ideal options for small, medium-sized and large installations. Additionally, Axis Camera Station client workstations are available for an optimised operator control experience.

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Axis Companion - Easy solution for small business

For small businesses, Axis offers the flexible Axis Companion system as a lower cost alternative to Axis Camera Station. Axis Companion is a very intuitive video management system comprising a compact-format network video recorder at its heart with Axis cameras, speakers and video door stations connectable via the network to give you true flexibility and easy control over your business wherever you are.

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For single site or multi-site businesses

With Axis Companion you can see what’s going on in your business, listen and speak to people on site or at your door, and receive real-time alerts of any suspicious or unwanted activity. Also while you’re away from your business. Axis Companion is a smart, cost-effective solution that can also easily be scaled up for companies with multiple sites.

Milestone XProtect video management system (VMS)

If your preference is a fully open-platform VMS instead of an end-to-end solution, then Milestone XProtect offers you all the flexibility and scalability you will require.

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