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We design and deliver high-performance camera systems to improve the security, safety and operational efficiency of enterprise and public sector organisations through the use of innovative, connected technologies and best practice standards.

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At the forefront of delivering transformative technologies in security

Established in 2004, NW has been at the forefront of delivering cutting edge security and video surveillance solutions.

We deliver best possible outcomes through working closely with world-leading technology partners and taking a collaborative approach in our relationships with customers.

Our commitment is to deliver long-term benefits and investment protection to enterprise customers through system lifecycle planning and support.

Our Proven Ecosystem of Technology Partners for Enterprise

At the core of our successful solutions offering are our long-standing technology partners Axis Communications and Milestone Systems, combined providing an open platform ecosystem that enables deep integration of a multitude of technologies and products. This offers the scalability and design flexibility that enterprise organisations require to meet stringent security demands. Our technology ecosystem also meets the enterprise requirement of long-term investment protection and facilitates life-cycle planning.

Powerful Solutions, Multiple Benefits

Improved Security

Stay ahead by using advanced, proven technology integrations that will protect your business, and enhances the safety of your people.

Reduced TCO

Reduce your total cost of ownership choosing a security solution smartly designed with flexibility, scalability and longevity in mind. Options for on-prem, hybrid or full cloud integrations that will fit with your wider IT strategies.

Greater Efficiency

Take the opportunity that AI video analytics offer to revolutionise your operations, enabling a drive to greater efficiency in your organisation.

Better Decision Making

Empower your managers with greater insights by leveraging the video and sensor data from your systems, enabling better and faster decision making across your operations.

Technology you can trust

Axis Communications

Axis invented the network camera in 1996 and remain global technology leaders today. Offering a wide portfolio of open platform, IP-based products Axis provides networked solutions for camera system requirements, integrated security needs, intelligent analytics deployments, access control and audio applications.

With strong ethical values and a robust cybersecurity policy for the lifecycle of its products, Axis leads the way in more aspects than one.

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The global #1 in video management systems

Milestone Systems

With over 500,000 installations worldwide Milestone has a track record of delivering robust video management solutions to its users. Milestone’s Open Platform ecosystem supports over 10,000 IP cameras and devices that can be integrated with its platform, enabling advanced, bespoke solutions and maximum flexibility and scalability as your business grows and your needs change. Frequent software updates through Milestone’s Care programme ensures your system will remain secure and relevant for the future.

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