Morphean Cloud for Axis

True cloud platform for Axis network cameras.

Ideal for multi-site businesses and remote operations

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The Morphean Cloud Platform gives easy visibility to every site or business you operate, with all the important data at your fingertips. Bringing together video security, access control and business intelligence in a single dashboard, Morphean enables you to be in full control of your company.

True Cloud means Axis network cameras can be connected directly to the Morphean Cloud platform, without the need for any on-site server devices. Morphean Cloud offers a neat solution for small-scale operations and multi-site businesses that are looking for a secure, robust monitoring system to protect their assets.

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The Morphean Cloud Platform

Video Security
  • Live and recorded CCTV monitoring
  • Intelligent Analytics to alert you of events and reduce false alarms
  • Record in the cloud, or on-camera, or both
  • Can be remotely monitored by Remote Monitoring Stations
Remote Access Control
  • Remotely manage physical access to your sites and premises, open doors, gates and barriers
  • Manage user profiles and authorisations via the Morphean cloud platform
  • Combine with video to visually verify the individual before granting access
Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard giving a cross-functional overview of key retail data
  • People Counting provides footfall statistics and visitor trends
  • Heat mapping to gain insights in traffic flows and dwell time in shops

Migrate to Cloud VSaaS

Why do businesses move to Morphean?

IT managers have the ongoing challenge of keeping their company’s IT infrastructure going and keeping it up-to-date, whilst more and more services are added to their area of responsibility and resources are often stretched.

Off-premise policies

Therefore, IT managers are looking to reduce on-site server and storage hardware in order to save space and lower the in-house maintenance burden by moving services into the cloud and managed data centres. Using Morphean, companies move their CCTV into the cloud and make great savings on hardware expenditure and time spend on maintaining systems.

Ease of deployment and scalability

Morphean Cloud CCTV is offered as a managed service, with the platform provided and maintained by Morphean, and the deployment of cameras serviced by NW. Getting started and scaling up over time requires minimum involvement from customers’ IT teams. Enjoy the benefits of a video monitoring system, but spare the burden.

Data security in good hands

Data protection is the main priority within Morphean with all data centers ISO 27001 certified and a very strong security architecture from camera to cloud application. Deploying the highest level of encryption, data transmission is handled in the same way as in online banking. Device root passwords are controlled by the platform and automatically changed at high frequency. 2FA login is standard.

Pay for what you use  

No upfront cost outlays on server and storage capacity. Simply pay for what you use on a quarterly rolling basis, no long term contracts or commitments.

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Axis - Morphean, a robust cloud solution

Connecting cameras to a cloud platform without compromising on functionality or security is not easy. Hence, most cloud CCTV services require a server on-site, that sits between the cameras and the connection outward to the cloud, or they provide their own, limited range of cameras closed for use with their platform only, tying you in.

Not so with the Axis – Morphean solution. The open platform architecture and secure tunnelling technology that Axis provides, allows for an Axis camera to be connected directly to the Morphean cloud platform. This solution has proven to be extremely robust and secure, guaranteeing near 100% uptime, while it also continues to offer you the flexibility of open platform technology.

Multi-site businesses benefit the most

The simplicity of the Morphean – Axis cloud system with minimal hardware requirements on-site, make it an ideal solution for multi-site businesses such as retail chains, utility and grid networks, logistics hubs and the communications sector. Allowing you to monitor unmanned sub-stations, communications towers, wind and solar farms, waterworks and the like from a central control station, giving you the peace of mind that your infrastructure assets are protected 24/7.

About Morphean

Morphean is a high-tech company offering an advanced Security as a Service (SaaS) solution. Headquartered in Switzerland, Morphean is the leading SaaS provider in Europe with offices in the UK, Germany, Denmark and Netherlands. Born out of digital solutions company Softcom Technologies in 2009, Morphean has a track record of experience as a pioneer in cloud video technology, big data, analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2013 Morphean became the official cloud hosting provider for Axis Communications and Morphean’s technological development has been around Axis’ camera and hardware offering ever since.

Morphean is a certified Eco-Enterprise committed to minimising the impact of their activities on the environment.

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