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Secure, convenient and flexible

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Paxton access control systems offer a secure, convenient and flexible method of controlling who has access to your buildings, and to what areas or rooms.

Popular across industries, Paxton access control is used in commercial buildings, residential property, in education, the hospitality and leisure sector and within health and social care settings.

With PC-based and online user interface options that are intuitive and straightforward to learn, Paxton access control systems are easy to administer and control.

Paxton Solutions

Access control

With Paxton access control you can stay in control of who has access to your premises, and to what areas. You can set time windows when access is allowed for an individual and changing any access authorisations is easy and convenient. With a large variety of readers available you can choose what access method is best for you.

Wireless Door Handles

PaxLock wireless door handles are a neat addition to your access control system as no wiring is required and rollout of door control in your business is with minimal disruption. You’d never need to change a lock again. Access tokens simply can be disabled if lost or stolen.

Door Entry Systems

Incorporated in your networked Paxton access control system or available as a stand-alone solution, Paxton door entry enables you to see who is at the entrance and speak to them before granting access to your premises via the door release.

Paxton Product Overview

Door Controllers
Proximity Readers & Keypads
Wireless Door Handles
Access Cards & Tokens
Exit Buttons
Entry Panels
Entry Monitors

Combine Access Control with CCTV

Combining access control with CCTV cameras adds further security to your business. There is a direct integration of Paxton access control into the Milestone XProtect video management system so that every entry and exit recorded in the control logs is backed up by video evidence. This ensures that the person entering your building indeed is the person that has the authority to enter.

Why Paxton?

Established over 30 years ago, Paxton is a UK-based manufacturer of access control products and the market leader in the UK. With offices in the US, Europe, Middle East and South Africa, Paxton products are used by international corporations as well as smaller businesses who are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use access control system to help secure their premises. About 25,000 buildings each year are secured with Paxton equipment globally.

Paxton offers an attractive five year no-quibble warranty on their products and the support Paxton provides in case of issues is always very good.

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