Camstreamer video stream customisation

Video Streaming and Customisation

CamStreamer Apps: Customise the video feed from an Axis camera to your business needs. Plus, an easy way to live stream your Axis camera to bigger audiences.

Apps for Axis cameras to enrich your video streams with live information overlay

CamStreamer offers a range of handy apps for installation on Axis network cameras. It makes it easy to add infographics or dynamic text into the video stream, or embed live data from external sources. Examples are to display local weather conditions in the video stream, or information from temperature, humidity or other environmental or industrial sensors. Options are wide and varied but with the common benefit that the video will become more meaningful with the additional information incorporated in your stream.

CamStreamer also enables live streaming directly from your Axis camera to social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and others. It is ideal for live events, such as university lectures, training courses, performances and wedding or church services.

Stream Customisation to suit your business

You can overlay additional information over the video feed or embed the information into the video stream itself, meaning it can also be recorded within a video management system, such Milestone XProtect for retrospective investigations. It is ideal for control rooms as it provides operators with data enriched video images at their fingertips, enabling quicker and better decision making.

Live Streaming made easy

Stream live video directly from your Axis IP camera to social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch and Datacast. All you need is the CamStreamer App, no additional equipment is required. It is ideal for businesses in the tourist and hospitality sectors looking to improve their online marketing, as well as education and training providers who are looking enhance their online education offering.

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