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Create a safer, smoother-flowing and more pleasant town or city centre by connecting data, analytics and people, using industry-leading technologies to develop your smart city.

Towns and cities have huge opportunities to manage their environments more efficiently by bringing together public safety, urban mobility and environmental monitoring into a complete smart city solution.

Connected, intelligent technologies for smart towns and cities

Analytical Intelligence in cameras is changing the technological landscape and gives cameras new capabilities and uses to detect any kind of activity, behaviour, or object, automate tasks and processes, and provide early warning signals to city centre control rooms.

Intelligent Video Analytics can help with managing traffic flows, identify when groups or crowds are forming, or a concerning situation is emerging. There are new opportunities for easing congestion at transport hubs, and to ensure emergency services can respond faster, preventing escalation of events or avoid incidents from happening in the first place.

Environmental data can be incorporated via highly intuitive user interfaces presenting air quality data, noise levels, weather data or water quality, all in local relevant contexts.

Bringing together leading technology partners and expertise, NW can provide a smart town or city solution that will provide complete visibility and situational awareness over an urban area, enabling local authorities to provide for a much more citizen and visitor friendly experience.

Solutions for Towns & Cities

Are you looking to create a smart town or city?

Many local authorities have control systems with aging camera equipment, which limits the ability of running a safe, efficient town or city, and gets in the way of using new, intelligent technology that improves the lives of citizens and the experience of city centre visitors.

With Milestone XProtect you can overcome this problem and incorporate existing equipment into a new powerful, video management system and phase the replacement of the older equipment over a period of time, enabling the utilisation of new technology at a manageable pace and within budgets. With Milestone XProtect you will be able to transform your aging city centre control system into a modern video management system that will make your city a better place to live and visit.

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With analytical intelligence increasingly customisable and deployable at the edge there are now new, more efficient ways of managing towns and cities that can transform how citizens and visitors experience your city.

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