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About NW

It is our mission to help our customers create safer, more secure environments and run more efficient businesses through the use of connected technologies.

What we do

Since 2004, NW has worked with Axis Communications and Milestone Systems, as well as associated ecosystem partners, delivering security solutions and smart camera applications that enable our customers to run safer, better businesses.

We are Axis and Milestone ecosystem experts and make it our business to support, design, install, and research Axis and Milestone ecosystem solutions and technologies. We believe that our customers are best served by the open platform ecosystem philosophy as it provides for innovative solutions and maximum flexibility that protects customer investment for the long term.

Working to make a difference

Innovative technologies

We focus on innovative, but tested technologies that can withstand the test of time. We look for advanced technologies that are well supported and can be integrated reliably within platforms to provide progressive innovation with longer term benefits.

Cyber security

In a connected world cybersecurity must be a priority for every business. There is no single solution to cybersecurity. It is about choosing products from the right vendors, having the right processes in place, and working with the right partners. Our focus is to be a partner, supporting you with best-practice standards in cybersecurity to protect  your business.


We see sustainability as a shared responsibility, requiring new ways of working within and between businesses. Alongside reducing the environmental impact of our own activities, our focus is on offering efficient, connected systems helping customers to manage sites and activities from remote locations, reducing the general need for travel. In this sense we see ‘connected technology’ as a huge potential towards more sustainability.

What we stand for


Trustworthy partners with our customers' long-term interests at heart

Best practice
Best practice

Working in collaboration and expecting highest standards for best outcomes


Being friendly, helpful and dependable, inspiring others to do the same


Anti-bribery, anti-slavery and pro human rights, equality and consideration for people everywhere


Committed to continually reducing the environmental impact of our activities and the products and services we offer

Making a difference
Making a difference

Dedicated to making a positive difference to our people, our customers, and our industry

Working in partnership with our customers

Our approach is working in close partnership with our customers, built on trust and mutual support. It is much more than understanding your operational requirements, and what it is you are looking to resolve or achieve. For us it is equally important to develop an understanding of how a system and its functions can be successfully implemented within your IT environment. Our coordinative and collaborative approach is aimed at delivering the best possible outcomes and maximising your benefits.

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Providing system lifecycle support

Our system design service and support provision are aimed to guarantee you maximum system longevity and performance, and reducing your total cost of ownership. When planning a system, we focus on specifying products that last and benefit from long-term product and cybersecurity support from the vendor. This enables us to support your system with regular updates over a longer period of time, protecting your investment, whilst we’ll help with device replacement planning (and responsible disposal) when an item is reaching the end of its supportable life. This part of our service ensures your system will always remain up-to-date and cyber hardened, providing ongoing peace of mind.

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Driven by quality

We are ‘driven by quality’ in all that we do. It applies to the products we choose to sell, the vendors we select to work with, and the excellence in our service we are striving for. We aim for the highest standards in the quality of our installation work and deploy best practice standards when configuring and commissioning systems.

We value customer feedback as well as external bodies auditing our working practices, encouraging us to seek continuous improvements to ensure we deliver a high quality service to our customers ongoingly.

Key company accreditations: Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO9001, ISO14001, BSIA, SSAUB

Ownership of NW

NW was established in 2004. The company is still owned by its then co-founders Frank Crouwel, Kevin Bowyer and Robert Kilgour. The owner directors are supported by long-serving senior staff and a well-established team.

Frank Crouwel

Managing Director | LinkedIn

Kevin Bowyer, Technical Director
Kevin Bowyer

Technical Director | LinkedIn

Robert Kilgour, Non-exec Director
Robert Kilgour

Non-executive Director | LinkedIn

Dionne Sloan

Company Secretary & Head of Accounts

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