System design and installation

System Design & Installation

Design of CCTV, Security and Intelligent Camera Systems. Installation, integration and commissioning.

Axis and Milestone systems, delivered by NW

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With over 50,000 Axis cameras sold and 1,000+ Milestone XProtect systems delivered, we have a track record of specifying and delivering Axis and Milestone systems for companies and the public sector throughout the UK. With a strong focus on those two global industry leaders since 2004, NW has been at the forefront of installing the latest video and security technologies for almost two decades.

We design, install and integrate advanced systems from the full spectrum of products and solutions available within the Axis and Milestone ecosystem offering.

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Our Design and Installation Services

New Systems
New Systems

Get your system designed and set up correctly straight from the start

System Expansion
System Expansion

Expand your existing system or add functionality


Implement system updates and renewal with careful planning


Migrate from analogue CCTV to a modern IP-based system

Working in partnership

Our collaborative approach to projects promotes a close working relationship with our customers ensuring your requirements are fully met through correct system specification, smooth implementation and minimisation of on-site disruption during installation.

We fully appreciate the need to closely coordinate with IT managers and IT teams straight from the design stage and onwards to ensure that the new system or expansion will work well within your IT infrastructure and not cause any problems on your network or elsewhere.

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Why use NW?

Trust & Reliability
  • Honest, transparent advice from industry experts
  • Dedicated Systems Support Desk that replies quickly to your requests
  • Working in close relationship with your IT manager / team for best outcomes
  • Use of innovative, but proven technologies that will withstand the test of time
Best Practice
  • Leading Axis and Milestone installers since 2004
  • Deploying highest industry standards and manufacturer recommendations
  • Cybersecurity best practice to protect you from cyber risks and vulnerabilities
  • Backed up by independent certifications: SSAIB, ISO9001, Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Low cost for support and maintenance through the use of smart, efficient technologies
  • Optimised system configurations to avoid wasting IT hardware resources
  • System lifecycle management for best value over the long term
  • Protection of your investment through using products with the longest vendor support

The benefits for you

Working with us means you will create a safer and more efficient environment for your business and people. You can rest assured that the best solution for your requirements has been chosen and that you are using the latest technologies giving you an advantage over others.

You can feel confident that your connected system will remain hardened against cyber risks and that maximum system performance will be maintained under the watchful eyes of our knowledgeable, dedicated team. You will enjoy maximum business continuity and operational uptime from your system while your IT team will be freed up to be able to focus on other priorities.

You will receive maximum value from your investment and can expect built-in flexibility and long-lasting benefits that will give you an ongoing advantage.

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