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The power of Network Audio is that you can communicate with any place, from anywhere

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The capability to address people on demand from a remote location is an opportunity to improve how you manage a crowd, visitors, your staff, or vandals and criminals. Combined with Axis network cameras you will be able to see, hear and give instructions, or warnings, to take control of situations remotely.

When you see an unwanted situation emerging you will be able to pro-actively intervene and prevent events from unfolding. Using Intelligent Analytics in the cameras, unwanted situations can even be automatically detected and pre-recorded instructions or warnings played without human involvement, saving time and costs.

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Run a Smarter Business with Network Audio from Axis

Voice messages are highly effective in deterring people from undertaking unwanted behaviour or criminal activity. It can also be very useful in guiding people to do something. Whether you are looking to protect your perimeter, prevent night-time burglaries or vandalism, or have a need to provide health and safety guidance to your staff or visitors, there will be an Axis audio solution that will improve your business.

Easy to install and use

While the benefits of Axis network audio are easy to see, the installation and use of speakers are just as straightforward. Each speaker is a complete audio solution in its own right, with onboard management software and pre-calibrated digital signal processing for clear sound output without the need for an additional amplifier. Powered via PoE, it takes just a single ethernet cable to connect a speaker to your IT network. All this leads to low installation costs, making Axis audio affordable for any business.

Overview of Axis Audio Equipment

Ceiling network speaker

In-ceiling, flush mount for blending in with the environment.

Mini network speaker

Compact-sized, surface mount for discrete installation.

Network cabinet speaker

Flexible installation, indoor or outdoor in covered spaces.

Network horn speaker

Outdoor speaker for long distance messaging.

Network audio amplifiers

Converts your existing, passive speaker (any brand) into a fully functional network speaker.

SIP microphone

Ideal for control rooms and public address systems.

Outdoor microphone

Robust and weatherproof for outdoor installation.

All-round microphones

Discrete and high-performance, suited to sound detection.

How do I use Network Audio?

Three ways to get the best from Axis Network Audio

Axis Audio Manager software

As a stand-alone solution, Axis offers management software to control your audio system. There are two versions. Axis Audio Manager Edge comes built-in (free) with each speaker and is an ideal choice for smaller systems, while Axis Manager Pro is better suited to larger systems.

Axis Camera Station

Axis speakers and microphones can be integrated into the unified Axis Camera Station video management system to get the full benefit of combining video, audio and intelligent analytics that will transform your level of security and overall business performance.

Milestone XProtect

All Axis network devices can be integrated and optimised within the Milestone XProtect video management system, and so can Axis network audio equipment. XProtect gives you powerful features and control, combining video, audio, intelligent analytics and more to create a flexible, high-end security solution.

Enhance visitor and customer experience with ambient background music or sound

Axis Network Audio provides further opportunities for your business by offering an easy way to play and manage ambient background music, sound clips or pre-recorded visitor information messages that will enhance the experience for your customers.

Create your playlists, record your own bespoke sound clips and visitor messages, and schedule when they will play. Axis has several music provider partners you can use if you don’t have your own.

Ideal for use by retail chains and shopping centres, hotel and restaurant chains, leisure parks and visitor attractions, having the ability to centrally control what’s playing in your outlets is highly efficient and helps with the delivery of a consistent customer experience.

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