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What is an intelligent system and how do you create one?

In simple terms, an ‘intelligent’ or ‘smart’ system is a number of sensing devices or mini systems that are connected and analyse the data to make predicted, automated decisions. In practice, an intelligent system can:

  • work autonomously to control a process (automation)
  • provide new business intelligence for decision makers
  • raise alerts to humans if an unwanted situation is unfolding

To create an intelligent system to control a small number of key processes or functions isn’t hard or expensive and can reap great operational benefits very quickly.

Complexity increases with the number of different device types in the system. Key for success is to use technologies with open platform architecture, such as Axis and Milestone, and work with technology partners that share the same ecosystem philosophy.

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Make your cameras smart

Intelligent Video Analytics

Axis Object Analytics

Detects and classifies objects, incl. humans and vehicles.

Application: Security

Developer: Axis (free)

Axis Guard Suite

Smart motion and intrusion detection, and detect people loitering or breaching a perimeter.

Application: Security

Developer: Axis (free)

Axis Radar Auto-tracking for PTZ

PTZ cameras automatically track and visualise objects detected by an Axis radar.

Application: Security, safety and operational

Developer: Axis (free)

Axis Perimeter Defender

Detection of humans and vehicles attempting to breach a perimeter or fence, incl. PTZ auto-tracking.

Application: Perimeter security (ideal for use with Axis thermal cameras)

Developer: Axis

People Counting

Counts number of people entering and leaving. Footfall reports, crowd / occupancy management.

Application: Operational, safety

Developer: Axis

QR Code Reader

Adds QR code reading function to your Axis door station or camera.

Application: Security, access control

Developer: Axis

Queue Monitor

Alerts when a queue is exceeding a set threshold, e.g. number of people waiting in a queue.

Application: Operational, customer satisfaction

Developer: Axis

Live Privacy Shield

Safeguarding personal identifiable information (PPI) of individuals within camera footage.

Application: Monitoring operational processes rather than individuals, e.g. in factories

Developer: Axis

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Detects, reads and captures number plates for vehicle access control, e.g. at gates and car parks.

Application: Security

Developer: Vaxtor

Vehicle Speed Detection and Capture

Captures, alerts and databases number plates of vehicles that are exceeding a speed limit.

Application: Operational, safety

Developer: Vaxtor

Dangerous Goods Code Recognition

Captures, alerts and adds to database number plates of vehicles fitted with dangerous goods codes.

Application: Safety, traffic management

Developer: Vaxtor

Vehicle Type Recognition

Detects and classifies by type of vehicle, e.g. car, truck, van, bus.

Application: Operational, traffic management

Developer: Vaxtor

Vehicle MMC Recognition

Captures vehicle make, model and colour, in addition to registration number and vehicle type.

Application: Security, operational

Developer: Vaxtor

Container Number Recognition

Detects, reads and captures container numbers, enabling container tracking and tracing.

Application: Security, operational

Developer: Vaxtor

Bespoke Number Recognition

Detects, reads and captures customer bespoke codes or numbers, e.g. despatch numbers.

Application: Operational, track and trace

Developer: Vaxtor

Bespoke Object Recognition

Detects and identifies any custom object.

Application: Security, safety, operational

Developer: Vision Intelligence

PPE Monitor

Detects and alerts when a person is entering a zone without the required PPE.

Application: Operation, safety

Developer: Vision Intelligence

Sound Recognition

Detects verbal aggression, person in distress (e.g. in health care), breaking glass, car alarm, gun shot.

Application: Security, safety and operational

Developer: Sound Intelligence

Face Recognition

Detection and recognition of faces for access control and identity authentication.

Application: Security

Developer: SAFR (RealNetworks)

Axis Face Detector

Face detection in public display live video to deter people from stealing.

Application: Loss prevention

Developer: Axis

System Devices

Network Cameras

Data from camera images can be analysed and automatically trigger actions or alerts. Intelligent Video Analytics offer a huge range of applications and has uses for all sectors.

Thermal Cameras

On-board analytics for heat detection and alerting, and temperature measurement. Helps to prevents fires.

Network Radars

Built-in analytics to accurately detect, track and classify people and vehicles and their speed of movement.

People Counter

Reliable people counting to identify visitor trends and traffic flow to optimise your business.

Environmental Sensors

Air, water, sound and light sensors to better manage your environment.

Smart Building Sensors

Contact (open/close), temperature, humidity, light sensors and water leak and oil leak sensors to improve building management and save costs.

Industrial Sensors

Photoelectric sensors and displacement sensors for production line automation.

System Integration

Third Party Integration

All Axis network cameras and devices are open platform and also have a mature API and SDK, enabling Axis equipment with add-on analytics to be integrated and used with many other management platforms and control systems, such as SCADA.

Solve problems to save time and reduce your cost

Video analytics offer new opportunities to save time and costs by solving problems that could not be (easily) resolved in the past. Working with Axis and our AI partner Vision Intelligence external link icon we develop location-specific, customised analytics solutions to improve your key processes. Fully scalable and flexible, it can be implemented with Axis Camera Station or Milestone XProtect or an existing management system you may have in place.

Rapid solution development means we can deliver a proof of concept for your specific scenario within four weeks.

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