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Connected cameras for any application and any environment

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With about 200 models to choose from there is an Axis network camera suited to any application and environment.

Axis cameras are advanced and feature-rich, offering the benefit of high-quality imaging, open platform flexibility and powerful on-board processing, making an Axis camera the perfect choice for use in Video Surveillance Systems as well as Intelligent Control Systems.

Industry-leading cybersecurity, long-term firmware and product support, and far and away the most technically mature cameras on the market, with Axis your investment is protected for the long term.

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Overview of Axis IP Cameras

Dome cameras

Vandal-resistant, compact design for unobtrusive installation and 24/7 use.

Bullet and box cameras

Wide range of features and lens options for all-round, high-quality video.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras

Powerful control to track events on large sites in great detail.

Positioning cameras

High-speed 360° x 135° movement and powerful zoom for critical security.

Mini cameras

Modular design for small spaces and in-built or discreet installation.

Multi-sensor cameras

Multi-directional, 180° or 360° coverage for situational awareness.

Hemispheric cameras

Single-sensor wide area coverage for general site overview.

Thermal cameras

Detection in all conditions and over long distances. Heat monitoring in industry.

ATEX-rated cameras

Certified explosion-protected camera for use in hazardous areas.

Body worn cameras

For frontline workers, the police, emergency services and security personnel.

Cameras for transportation

Vibration and shock resistance for use in buses, trains and trucks.

Anti-ligature cameras

No area left uncovered, for use in high-security installations such as prisons.

Video Door Stations

Cameras with audio and entry control to manage entrances and gates.

Live streaming cameras

Professional webcasting of university lectures, conferences and live events.

Choose your Video Management System

Axis Camera Station

Use Axis end-to-end to create a unified video management system for seamless integration of all Axis devices and analytics, including cameras, speakers, radars and access control.

Learn more about Axis Camera Station
Milestone XProtect

Choose Milestone XProtect for an open platform video management system that provides powerful user control, high configuration, and maximum flexibility and scalability.

Learn more about Milestone Systems

Analytical Intelligence: Make your cameras smart

Turn your camera into a smart device by using Intelligent Video Analytics. Installed on board the camera itself, adding intelligent analytics to your system presents a wide range of opportunities for your camera to analyse what it sees and make predictable, automated decisions, triggering an action or an alert. Video analytics can solve problems that were not easily resolved before.

Learn more about Intelligent Systems

Perimeter Security

Axis offers robust perimeter security solutions for protecting critical sites. Using a combination of Axis thermal imaging cameras with Axis Perimeter Defender on-camera analytics creates an accurate, highly effective intrusion detection system that you can rely on 24/7 and in varying weather conditions.

Learn more about Axis Perimeter Security

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Our technology partner Vaxtor offers ANPR solutions that are ideal for vehicle access control, car park management, capturing speeding vehicles and traffic control. Installed on an Axis network camera, the Vaxtor ANPR software reliably captures number plates and can classify by type of vehicle and colour. Affordable yet powerful, Vaxtor ANPR offers a solution for many different scenarios.

Learn more about Axis Vaxtor ANPR

Remote Control & Management

Connected Axis devices and systems enable you to take full control of remote sites. It gives you visual access to your sites and business activities wherever you are. Create a central control room to manage operations efficiently with fewer people, or hook up to a remote monitoring station for watchful protection of your premises overnight and during weekends.

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Morphean Cloud CCTV

Designed specifically for use with Axis network cameras and devices, Morphean offers a unified cloud platform for video surveillance, access control and business intelligence, ideal for multi-site businesses such as retail chains, water and energy companies, logistics firms the and communications sector. Powerful control with minimal on-site equipment.

Learn more about Morphean Cloud CCTV

CamStreamer Live Streaming Solutions

With CamStreamer apps installed on your Axis camera you can live stream directly onto social media platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. You can enrich your video stream with real-time data overlays such as weather conditions, machine temperatures, cityscape information or any custom data, whilst CamStreamer TimeLapse enables you to create timelapse movies easily, ideal for construction projects.

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