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NW has specialist knowledge of port security and operations from many years of experience in the sector. We offer system design and installation to automate processes and provide greater operational control.

We understand port environments and the security and operational challenges that need to be managed. We work with port police and secure restricted areas, provide advanced detection systems, and maintain control room systems that are critical to day-to-day functioning.

New technologies, new opportunities

Analytical Intelligence in cameras is changing the technological landscape, giving cameras new capabilities and uses to automate processes and create early warning systems. There are new opportunities to improve port security and safety, and deal with damage and insurance claims more effectively.

Working closely with our customers we help create intelligent, all-encompassing visual control systems that will significantly improve port efficiency and enable a swift, coordinated response when unwanted or suspicious activity is detected, or an incident needs to be investigated.

Solutions for Ports

Are you looking to update your existing camera system?

Many businesses have control systems with ageing camera equipment, which limits the ability of running a safe business and gets in the way of using new, intelligent technology that improves efficiency and overall business performance.

With Milestone XProtect you can overcome this problem and incorporate existing equipment into a new powerful management system and phase the replacement of the older equipment over a period of time, enabling the utilisation of new technology at a manageable pace. With Milestone XProtect you will be able to transform your systems into a modern video management system that puts you in control for the future.

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Analytical intelligence in cameras and control systems has matured so much in recent years, there are now real opportunities for ports to rethink how they can boost their efficiency

Kevin Bowyer, Technical Director

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