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Cutting edge technology

Axis Solution Gold Partner

Axis offers solutions based on connected video, sound and intelligent analytics to improve people’s safety, business security and enabling operational control.

IP cameras are at the core of the Axis product portfolio with about 200 models to choose from for any application or environment.

A key technological advantage is Axis’ in-house developed ARTPEC System on Chip (SoC) delivering maximum processing power for high-quality imaging, efficient Zipstream compression, Lightfinder technology for super low light performance, Optimised IR for optimised illumination, stronger on-board analytics and enhanced device security.

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Axis Integrated Solutions

Axis end-to-end solutions (ACS)

Axis end-to-end solutions have the unified Axis Camera Station (ACS) video management system (VMS) at its core. This allows for seamless integration of Axis devices, controlled via the Axis Camera Station platform, including cameras, audio, intelligent analytics and access control.

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Axis Product Overview

IP Cameras

Wide camera range, incl. in/outdoor, PTZ, IR, thermal, multi-sensor, hemispheric, mini cameras and ATEX-rated.

Body Worn Cameras

Ideal for policing, emergency services and security staff, creating confidence and personal safety.

Video Management Software (VMS)

Choice of Axis Camera Station and Axis Companion, as well Axis optimised integration with Milestone XProtect.

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

A range of network-based recorders with Axis Camera Station embedded.

Video Encoders

For phased migration from existing analogue CCTV to a modern IP-based camera platform.

Intelligent Analytics

Wide range of Axis’ own and third party applications for security, safety and business efficiency.

IP-based Radar

Accurate detection in large 180° area with in-built analytics and integrated PTZ camera Autotracking of intruders.

IP Speakers and Microphones

A range of speakers, microphones and Audio Manager software options for basic and advanced systems.

Access Control

Access control at door and site entry points, ideal for integration with the Axis Camera Station management system.

Network Intercoms

Network Video Door Stations and Intercoms for visual verification of visitors and local or remote door release.

People Counters

Reliable people counting for retail shops, museums and venues to gain insights in visitor trends.

System Devices & Accessories

A wide range of accessories, devices and tools add functionality to your Axis system.

Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP)

The Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) is unique in the security industry. ACAP allows for additional Intelligent Analytics applications to be installed and run on an Axis device, e.g. on a camera or a speaker. With Intelligent Analytics applications available from both Axis as well as Axis Technology Partners, ACAP offers the widest choice of analytics available in the industry, enabling for most sector and customer specific requirements to be met. This additional functionality can also be integrated with the Milestone XProtect management system for smooth operation.

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect is a range of integrations and tools that optimises the performance of Axis cameras, speakers etc in the Milestone XProtect video management system (VMS). It helps installers, support technicians and system administrators save a lot of time and effort to configure and maintain an Axis – Milestone system. This optimised integration and efficiency is a key reason why NW is able to offer comprehensive support for Axis – Milestone combined systems at highly competitive rates.


Axis works towards a more sustainable future and has signed the UN Global Compact to align its operations with the ethical principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. Axis’ focus to reduce environmental impact is through ‘green design’ using recycled materials and phasing out hazardous materials, a ‘circular product lifecycle’ and ‘carbon neutrality’ for product transport and business travel. Learn more about Axis’ approach to sustainability.

Why use Axis?

Cyber Security
  • Industry leading device cybersecurity programme and tools for integrators and system administrators
  • Built-in features to harden against different forms of cyber-attacks, effectively counter vulnerabilities, and protect against unauthorised access
  • Device firmware support up to 10 years from product release date
  • Investing in Axis equipment means you stay secure and protected for longer
  • 5 year hardware warranty (automatic, no registration needed)
  • Low failure rate, it just works and products keep on going
  • Frequent firmware updates ensure device security and additional functionality and performance
  • Secure firmware and coding
  • Strong product support is matched by strong customer services support
Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Efficient technologies such as Zipstream, lowering storage needs, and ARTPEC chipsets for maximum power efficiency
  • Open Platform provides flexibility and scalability in case your requirements change
  • Handy Axis support tools that reduce cost and time spent on installation and maintenance
  • Long system life extends your investment
Why have we chosen to put Axis Communications at the core of what we offer? It’s quite simple, Axis provides far and away the most technically mature products on the market. By technically mature, I mean that they are not just good products in their own right, but that the whole technical proposition by Axis, including the under-the-hood stuff, is well-rounded, joined-up and easy to interact with. Our technical team rates Axis devices and solutions over all else as they just work, and make implementing complex systems straightforward. Customers benefit from this with lower installation and support costs, fewer and shorter visits and better maintainability of their systems.

Axis thinks about how their products work together, how they are supported and how they are maintained and this translates to better outcomes for our customers.
Kevin Bowyer

Technical Director

Axis Communications

Validated maturity

Having themselves invented the network camera, Axis Communications has the right technical platforms, with capabilities shared across devices and software, and the systems and communications to back it all up. There is quality in all aspects that make up an Axis network product, and that’s what makes Axis stand out as the leader in the market.

Axis - validated maturity

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