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Improve road safety and keep traffic moving with intelligent cameras. From analysing accident hotspots to proactively controlling traffic flows and identifying dangerous situations, intelligent video analytics has become an unmissable tool for better traffic management.

Using Axis network cameras incorporating on-board intelligent traffic analytics will deliver a cost-effective and reliable tool for agencies to manage road use more efficiently.

Connected, intelligent technologies enable a smarter approach to traffic management

Analytical Intelligence in cameras is changing the technological landscape and gives cameras new capabilities and uses to detect any kind of traffic situation, such as detecting a stopped vehicle, people, or animals in the road, violating bus lanes, or a hazardous goods vehicle illegally entering a tunnel. Intelligent cameras can be deployed for addressing any traffic concern, including managing low emission zones, toll roads or speeding vehicles.

There are new opportunities for easing congestion at traffic hotspots, and for ensuring emergency services can get to an accident faster. Environmental data, such as temperature, humidity and air pollution levels can be incorporated within camera views to provide local context to control room operators.

Bringing together leading technology partners and expertise, NW can provide intelligent traffic management solutions that will provide complete visibility and situational awareness over road infrastructure, enabling traffic managers to make road travel smoother and safer.

Solutions for Traffic Control

Are you looking to update your traffic control system?

Many agencies and businesses have control systems with ageing camera equipment, which limits the ability of operating safe, efficient roads, and gets in the way of using new, intelligent technology that improves the experience for road users.

With Milestone XProtect you can overcome this problem and incorporate existing equipment into a new powerful, video management system and phase the replacement of the older equipment over a period of time, enabling the utilisation of new technology at a manageable pace and within budgets. With Milestone XProtect you will be able to transform your traffic centre control system into a modern visual management system that is ready and scalable for the future.

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Traffic on UK motorway efficiently managed and monitored Traffic on UK motorway efficiently managed and monitored

With analytical intelligence increasingly customisable and deployable at the edge, there are new, more effective ways to manage traffic flows and build-up.

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