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Perimeter Security

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Axis perimeter protection solutions for high security requirements

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Protection of your boundaries is the first layer in a strong security posture. To be alerted quickly when an intrusion occurs is vital to ensuring intruders remain as far away from your property as possible. We can deliver strong, reliable, perimeter protection solutions using Axis hardware and software solutions.

Axis perimeter solutions work closely together with Milestone XProtect to give camera system operators full visibility and awareness, in real-time, of on-site intrusions.

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Reduce false alarms

Axis Perimeter Defender

For when you need a reliable and accurate intrusion detection system with low numbers of false alarms. Axis Perimeter Defender can run on optical or thermal cameras and can accurately detect both humans and vehicles within the safe zones that you set. Integrate with Milestone XProtect VMS for powerful alarm notifications.

Real-time security

Radar-based detection and tracking

Radar can augment your security when real-time detection is needed and is particularly useful for generating alarms to be acted upon by operators. Couple radar with tracking PTZ cameras and you have a very powerful surveillance tool which works in all weather conditions, day or night.

Real-time security

Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras supercharge your detection capability. Whilst not used directly for evidential purposes, the high contrast of warm objects against a cold background allows for hugely improved detection capabilities and lower false negatives.

A wide range of applications

Intrusion detection

Be notified when your perimeter is breached. Choose reliable and field-proven solutions.

Loitering alerts

Loitering can indicate intent to intrude. Be notified when loitering occurs in your secured zones.

Intruder challenge

Put the spotlight on intruders and challenge with audio messages, talk-back or controllable lighting.

Object tracking

Create 180° or even 360° detection coverage and track multiple objects simultaneously.

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Why use Axis?

Cyber Security
  • Industry leading device cybersecurity programme and tools for integrators and system administrators
  • Built-in features to harden against different forms of cyber-attacks, effectively counter vulnerabilities, and protect against unauthorised access
  • Device firmware support up to 10 years from product release date
  • Investing in Axis equipment means you stay secure and protected for longer
  • 5 year hardware warranty (automatic, no registration needed)
  • Low failure rate, it just works and products keep on going
  • Frequent firmware updates ensure device security and additional functionality and performance
  • Secure firmware and coding
  • Strong product support is matched by strong customer services support
Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Efficient technologies such as Zipstream, lowering storage needs, and ARTPEC chipsets for maximum power efficiency
  • Open Platform provides flexibility and scalability in case your requirements change
  • Handy Axis support tools that reduce cost and time spent on installation and maintenance
  • Long system life extends your investment

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