Conveyor Belt Monitoring

by Kevin Bowyer

Conveyor Belt Stagnation Detection in a Logistics Centre

This use case is in a logistics centre where an Axis network camera with on-board analytics from Vision Intelligence overlooks a conveyor belt that is moving boxes.

The analytics within the camera is monitoring that boxes keep moving and will create an alert when a box is not moving for a set period of time or when the volume of boxes is stagnating the operation. The analytics on-board the Axis camera also create an alert when the item on the conveyor belt is not a box or is an ‘unexpected’ item.

This is a custom-application from Vision Intelligence and works in tandem with an Axis network camera, enabled by the Axis ACAP platform. This allows for Vision Intelligence’s conveyor belt analytics to be installed on the Axis network camera, or ‘at the edge.’

The Axis network camera with the intelligent analytics has been fixed in position to overlook the conveyor belt and raises an alert to supervisors when boxes are not flowing as required.

This solution is an example of how intelligent analytics on-board an Axis IP camera can increase efficiency and productivity within conveyor belt operations. Key benefits:

  • Easy to deploy with great returns within logistics and transportation businesses, warehousing, and packaging plants
  • Gain new operational intelligence on productivity
  • Gain a better understanding of the cause of stoppages and downtime
  • Early warning alerts help prevent stoppages and stagnation from occurring
  • Includes object tracking, object counting and zone detection
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