Urban Traffic Management

by Kevin Bowyer

Traffic Monitoring and Management.

In this use case a bespoke traffic analytics tool for a city has been created by Vision Intelligence.

The bespoke application was built to work on the Axis ACAP platform. This enables for Vision Intelligence’s bespoke video analytics to be installed on an Axis network camera, or ‘at the edge’ as it is called.

The Axis network camera, complete with the intelligent analytics on-board, has been mounted in situ to monitor the traffic at the exit of a tunnel, and feeds back the required information in real-time via a data connection.

The solution provides a range of key benefits to bodies responsible for controlling busy traffic in towns or cities:

  • Live information and alerts for transportation and traffic control.
  • Reliable information with a minimum 95% of accuracy from the analytics tool in any condition.
  • Detect pedestrians, cyclists, cars, busses or trucks. Can raise an alert if a car or truck is entering an unauthorised zone, lane or a pedestrian area.
  • Can also be configured to detect any object of specific interest to you.
  • Provides multi-lane, or multi-zone information of road users, enables analysis of road use and hotspots for traffic offences or accidents.
  • Detects stopped or stationary objects on roads.
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