PPE and Hazardous Area Monitoring

by Kevin Bowyer

Monitoring PPE use and Health & Safety in a danger area.

This use case shows how an Axis network camera with on-board analytics from Vision Intelligence monitors the correct use of PPE, while also being able to raise an alert when an engineer moves an arm and a part of his body into a hazardous zone.

This is an example of how intelligent analytics can transform health and safety management, and reduce accidents and injuries in dangerous areas. It is ideal for identifying any trends in health and safety breaches that may exist, and use videos of breaches for staff health and safety training.

The analytics on-board the camera will alert when the correct PPE is not being used, e.g. if no protective helmet is being worn. This can be applied to other pieces of PPE as well, including safety glasses, high visibility clothing etc.

This is an intelligent analytics application from Vision Intelligence and works in combination with an Axis IP camera. The analytics can run on the camera and be deployed ‘at the edge’ due to the Axis ACAP platform. This makes it easy to install an ‘intelligent camera’ in any location where PPE use and H&S is a priority.

This analytics application can be used in many different environments, including processing plants, oil and gas operations, construction sites and within factories and engineering. Key benefits:

  • Easy to deploy
  • Helps to enforce H&S compliance and correct PPE use (including use of hard hats, protective glasses, high visibility jackets and / or trousers).
  • Enables you to identify any trends in non-compliance or any frequent H&S issues that need addressing. Recorded video footage of H&S breaches is also an effective staff training tool.
  • Improve staff safety and reduce accidents, incidents and near misses.
  • Keep people out of danger zones and no-go areas, or protect expensive equipment of sensitive machinery.
  • Can also be configured to alert on the detection of smoke, fire and leakages, or when tools or vehicles, or any other defined object, is left in an area unattended.
  • Early warning alerts enable you to act quickly and avoid a situation from escalating
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