GDPR, a Great Thing

May 25, 2018

by Frank Crouwel

As an individual, as well as a business owner, I am happy the day of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement has finally arrived. GDPR will change things for the better.

For years we have not been in control of what organisations do with the personal information we give them. When you hand somebody your personal details you should be able to trust the person or organisation to handle that information with respect. However, with the rise of ever-intensifying marketing and the ease of information sharing through digitisation, many organisations increasingly have abused this trust, and used and shared our information with no or little restraint. None of us know in which or how many places, by whom and for what reason our personal information is being kept. I don’t think this is a situation any of us is comfortable with.

Bringing back trust

GDPR brings back the trust we should be able to have when we hand over our details to somebody.

For companies that have always respected people’s personal data and privacy, GDPR won’t be much of a challenge. Actually, it presents a renewed opportunity. Yes, operational procedures may still have to be adjusted or policies and procedures documented more clearly but at their core those businesses now have a competitive advantage. GDPR compliance will be a common requirement in the supply chain, and this is good for ethical businesses.

So, GDPR, I am pleased you are here.

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