NW Branding refresh

Feb 16, 2022

by Kevin Bowyer

We’d like to inform our customers and regular users that we are at the start of rolling out a branding refresh. People familiar with our company will see a change in our company logo being introduced on various documents as well as on our websites and other digital assets.

Our website and document designs will also be refreshed as part of this rollout. The rollout is due to start mid February 2022 and should be completed in the first half of April. During this time frame our new and old logos, and new and old designs may appear on our documents or websites.

For initial familiarisation, the logo change is as follows:

New vs old logos

We’d like to highlight that this is just a logo and branding refresh and not a change in the company structure, ownership or the services and solutions we provide.

We hope you will like our new branding and that it will help with recognising our company in your dealings with us.

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