An integrated approach to safety and security in logistics

Jan 10, 2019

by Daniel Miller

The logistics industry has seen activity and demand ramp up in recent years, in part thanks to the ‘Amazon effect’. As a result, the global market is forecast to reach an impressive value of US$ 1,374bn1 by 2023 .

In an industry that continues to see positive growth, the need for an integrated approach to security is paramount.

As the sector expands we’re seeing more warehouses than ever before, home to millions of pounds worth of goods and often found in remote locations, it’s unsurprising that they are an appealing target for criminals. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that companies ensure they have adequately accounted for safety and security in logistics.

Key to achieving a secure environment is integrating security systems such as access control, intrusion detection systems, network cameras, IP audio and security lighting. Alone they each play a vital role in securing your premises, but when integrated into a connected security system, they can deliver so much more.

For example, when an IP-based CCTV camera is integrated with an access control system, together the technologies can provide automatic verification of visitors using facial recognition, and vehicle access control using licence plate recognition. This ensures only people with the correct permissions are able to access a facility.

The latest security systems take advantage of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which allows you to react to incidents in real time. If a network camera records someone acting suspiciously, for example, the operator can use an IP audio system to inform them they’re being filmed.

At unmanned premises, an intelligent system can be set up to trigger an audio message if an intruder steps into a set perimeter. These audio responses can act as a strong deterrent and cause thieves to leave before committing a crime.

However, if they continue their suspicious activity then the network camera will capture details of people, vehicles and objects involved, with the latest cameras offering low-light technology that captures details even in the darkest of conditions.

Furthermore, many of today’s IP audio systems include built-in microphones, allowing you to also record audio during an incident. This provides you with a range of evidence, helping you investigate incidents and identify suspects.

A partnership approach to security

At NW Security Group, our core area of expertise is implementing IP-based camera systems across a wide variety of sectors and our all-encompassing service includes providing maintenance and unparalleled ongoing support.

We work closely with trusted technology partners, including Axis Communications and Milestone, to develop robust security solutions to suit any need. This includes integrating access control technologies from Paxton, intrusion detection systems from Vanderbilt and lighting solutions from Raytec.

To keep your warehouse fully protected, you need to see what’s happening at all times. Achieving robust proactive security requires a networked surveillance and security solution that has multiple systems working together. This way you’re guaranteed a clear view of what’s happening at any given time.


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