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by Kevin Bowyer

Town regeneration project employs Axis technology for a safe and secure future.

A complete security and surveillance solution has been installed at Whitehill & Bordon in Hampshire, a town undergoing a huge regeneration project with technology right at its heart.


When relocation of the British Army’s Defence School of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering from Whitehill & Bordon to Wiltshire in 2015 freed up approximately 200 hectares of land, the decision was taken to redevelop it to include 2,400 homes and a vibrant town centre. The opportunity to install cutting-edge technology right from the start saw the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company seek a complete security solution. This would include video surveillance, IP audio and the ability to manage the entire system from a centralised location. The system also needed to be scalable to keep pace with the growth of the new town.


CCTV column with speakers, wireless etcPhysical security integrator, NW Security Group, was employed to design and install a complete solution that would keep the town safe and secure, with cybersecurity and sustainability being major factors to consider when selecting appropriate technology. NW Security Group worked with its long-term partner, Axis, to deliver a comprehensive system to include IP audio speakers, network video cameras, people counting analytics and additional components such as network bridges and switches. The entire system was installed to coincide with the completion of the first phase of the town’s redevelopment.


Axis and NW Security Group have delivered a powerful solution that is protecting people, premises, businesses and assets. The solution is fully scalable to meet the evolving needs of the town as it continues into build phases two and three, with multiple surveillance cameras protecting the town centre, backed by a dedicated IP audio system for alerts and alarms. The whole solution has been built from the ground up with cybersecurity considerations front and centre, while Axis’ dedication to creating a greener future has resulted in the implementation of low-power technology. People counting capabilities provide business intelligence about the use of the town’s facilities, while also helping to keep people safe during the pandemic. The powerful solution meets the requirements of a popular and rapidly expanding town.

The regeneration of Whitehill & Bordon essentially meant building a new town from the ground up. This created an ideal opportunity to consider the security requirements for the development very early on, and to implement them right at the centre of the project. The security solution could then be purpose-built to meet exact requirements. The main focal point and heart of the  new development is The Shed, a multi-purpose venue surrounded by green space which attracts local food and drink vendors and other businesses providing entertainment and a thriving epicentre.

Chris Manning, Project Manager at the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company, begins:

We had a unique opportunity here to put the right technology in
place right from the outset. Our aim has been to make Whitehill & Bordon a fantastic place to live, to work and to socialise. We needed a security solution that would offer high levels of protection, helping to attract residents and businesses to the town.

Scalable security to support the town’s evolution

The challenge to create a solution that would provide high levels of security, but also form an integral part of an immersive, modern experience, fell to NW Security Group. The long-term Axis partner enlisted Axis to help design and install cutting-edge security solutions throughout the town, including 100 AXIS Q61 PTZ Network Cameras as well as multiple cameras mounted in and around The Shed. The addition of IP audio speakers provides alerts and alarms when required.

Frank Crouwel, Managing Director at NW Security
Group, explains:

Our strong partnership with Axis and the impeccable pedigree of its solutions meant that it was the only choice. We opted for a set-up that allows bespoke configuration with Axis’ hardware at the core, enhanced by third-party software. Axis’ open platform approach made this possible, resulting in a solution that is much stronger than one manufacturer could offer in isolation. Regular firmware upgrades and software updates, plus simple scalability means that we’ve designed and installed a system that can grow as the town evolves.

Health, safety and planning intelligence

As well as monitoring the town to detect and deter criminal activity, the surveillance cameras and IP audio system can also be used for health and safety and to improve event management. On-camera peoplecounting analytics have already proved to be a powerful tool for keeping people safe and helping with social distancing measures at town-centre events during the pandemic, with audio messages issuing reminders about mask wearing and maintaining safe distances. In addition, the solution has helped to inform future town planning, with the people-counting analytics having also provided key business insights about regular use of The Shed and its facilities.

Chris Manning elaborates:

The Shed and the town square really come alive in the summer, with a popular food court, stalls, events and our digital billboards featuring live-streamed entertainment. We estimated that the site was attracting around 2000 visitors each week, but the new system revealed that it is actually closer to 6,000. This insight has helped us with future development decisions as we now know that a forthcoming food outlet, The Mess, and a purpose-built 330 seat theatre will be sure to attract significant numbers too. It’s also brought to light a factor we hadn’t considered – that people actually travel from out of town to come here – so we’re welcoming a new and diverse clientele to the town all the time, which is putting us on the map.

Investing in the future

The security solution at Whitehill & Bordon represents a long-term investment, with rugged, hard-wearing technology and components, combined with the ability to update and add new features as required, representing excellent value and supporting a 15-year development plan. The solution also comprises Axis network switches and an AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera with broadcast quality for the live streaming of events, such as music and comedy nights, both online and to the giant billboard screens situated around the site.

The control room operating 24/7 on site enables security personnel to identify potential threats early on to ensure timely incident response. And with 50 events planned for 2022, almost one a week, having powerful technology in place to support their management brings peace of mind to organisers.

Chris Manning expands:

The power of Axis’ cameras is such that our security operatives can now cover an area of hundreds of metres in detail, even in darkness, which is truly incredible. We showed Euro 2021 to an audience of 3000 people on our screens with no security issues at all.

Nick Platt-Higgins, UK Key Account Manager at
Axis Communications, commented on the solution:

The Whitehill & Bordon project provided a great opportunity for Axis to work closely with its partner NW Security, and with the end user, to offer a tailormade solution to meet the town’s requirements. This project showcases the smart city capabilities of our solutions where, rather than used for security alone, they become woven into the very fabric of the development. As buildings are designed and use cases put forward for new applications of the technology, Axis will continue to support those requirements.

With one third of the town centre development complete, and the second stage continuing in summer 2022, the security solution from Axis looks set to be scaled to cover a new supermarket, further residential dwellings and many other exciting and innovative developments in Whitehill & Bordon’s continuing evolution.

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