Deploying an IP-based camera system – why Axis Communications is a safe bet

Aug 7, 2018


by Daniel Miller

Our world is less secure than it once was. While the shift from analogue CCTV to the networked IP cameras in use today has enhanced safety and security in many different environments, as well as enabling greater business intelligence, it has also introduced the risk of creating vulnerabilities in company IT networks when not deployed correctly. With Axis Communications, you are buying a safe bet for the long term.

As a leading provider of security systems, consultancy and training services in the North West, we know that for networkable cameras to successfully help organisations operate efficiently, safely, and smartly, it is crucial that they are installed correctly and securely, and in partnership with IT departments, so they are safe from cyber threats. It is for that reason that we work only with companies that take cybersecurity seriously. We are therefore proud to be an Axis Communications Solution Gold Partner, a title we have held since 2005.

Securing CCTV systems

Axis understands that guaranteeing effective cybersecurity is only possible if a ‘secure by design’ approach is utilised. A camera should never be designed or manufactured without cybersecurity being a key consideration from the outset. Thorough risk assessments should always be undertaken at every step, and the consequences of a vulnerability considered. Axis has a clear focus on cybersecurity and does everything in its power to mitigate risks. In the current technological climate where hackers are trying to find flaws in any connected device they can, this secure by design ethos is vital.

And that isn’t where Axis’ focus on cybersecurity stops; true protection is not just about the product. The industry is beginning to wake up to the fact that there is no such thing as complete security, no single solution for staying safe. Collaboration is therefore a must, and Axis strives to work with partners that have the same devotion to cybersecurity. Being Cyber Essentials Plus accredited demonstrates NW Security Group’s cybersecurity credentials. We understand that a CCTV system must be deployed with cybersecurity in mind, and there must be sufficient support so that if anything does go wrong, an expert team is on hand to advise.

This is another area where Axis excels. Not only does a 5-year warranty come as standard, but it is always testing for new vulnerabilities. This is important; effective cybersecurity cannot be achieved through obscurity, it is a constant battle to try and discover new methods malicious third-parties may exploit to target a system. If a vulnerability is discovered, Axis openly communicates details and recommends solutions swiftly. This gives integrators like NW the opportunity to take prompt action so a customer’s solution can remain secure, and business can continue unaffected.

Partnerships that ensure business continuity

Axis understands that, if for whatever reason, an end user may need to work with a new security systems integrator, its certified partner programme ensures businesses can still rely on Axis’ support so that operations remain unaffected during such transitional periods. Utilising Axis IP camera technology means benefiting from a security system that is not just fit-for-purpose today, but also in the future.

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