The Revolution of Security: How IP technology helps businesses create a 360° security shield

Jul 1, 2019

by Daniel Miller

Back in 1996 Axis Communications released the world’s first ever network camera; the Axis Neteye 200 – a milestone which would pave the way in which the CCTV industry would operate from then on.

Since then, development of IP technology has been extensive to say the least – with vast innovations seen in both hardware and software.

As the name suggests, devices that support Internet Protocol (IP) can be integrated together and accessed via your computer network or the Internet. Having this protocol allows you to add multiple networked devices into a system in order to improve security and safety measures. This can bring a huge advantage to your business as it opens the possibility of merging your cameras, alarms, audio, gate and door entry into a single system. Plus, with the addition of permitting remote managing, you can gain quick remote access from anywhere in the world – without the need of a patrol or a round-the-clock control room operator.

Networked devices present higher levels of flexibility and scalability when compared to closed circuit camera systems. This is all down to the ability of integration, which opens the potential to create a much larger and comprehensive security system that can do more than just monitor your assets.

They also allow you to adapt and develop your system to meet changing business needs – without requiring a complete separate system to be created and wired to existing infrastructure.

With most IP-based devices supporting Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), power and network connection are supplied through one cable – for a cost-effective installation.

Do you have to be a large business to implement IP-based security systems?

Any business, of any size, can implement their security systems with IP-based products.

From the bakery on the corner, to the large shipyard receiving goods from all over the world; IP systems can help create a full security shield around the business. Whether you need to protect your store at night or implement a fully responsive system using facial recognition and licence plate analytics; with networked devices, you can create a system that is going to meet your security requirements for the times where you need it most.

Are IP security systems more expensive?

Any security system will always require an upfront investment, but not all systems are cost-effective – and that’s what you should take into consideration as a first step.

Just ask yourself the following: how many false alarms have you answered only in the past 6 months? How much did it cost?

Choosing an integrated IP-based Security System will not only help cut costs, such as false alarms, but will also allow you to create a responsive shield around your business. Enabling you to focus on what really matters: your core business and your clients.

IP-based security systems will not only improve the level of your business security, but also become a useful management tool to assist your business Health and Safety, productivity, management and marketing.

So where do I start?

In order to get the most from your system, you need to ensure that your IP devices are specified, installed, configured and maintained correctly. We would always recommend to employ the assistance of a team who are experts and ‘in the know’ when it comes to IP security.

NW Security Group has been helping businesses create a tailored 360° security shield since 2004 and can assist you in the process of choosing the best security systems for your business.

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