What are the benefits of Milestone Care Plus?

Aug 9, 2018

by Kevin Bowyer

If you’re investing in any software that’s integral to the smooth-running of your business, then that investment should include provision for ensuring the software continues to function as it should. For your Video Management System (VMS), that means continuing to help protect your people, assets and data.

Milestone has always offered after-sales care and support services for its suite of XProtect VMS products. It’s one of the many reasons why Milestone XProtect is our go-to VMS – when we create solutions for our customers that are reliable and well-supported, we’re also providing long-term investment protection.

Milestone offers this assurance with Care Plus. Other software manufacturers might call it a maintenance, support or upgrade plan, but the core purpose is the same – to keep your software updated to the latest version.

The importance of new versions

Without Care Plus, you’d still have free access to software service releases and device driver packs to keep XProtect up to date and compatible with the latest cameras, but you would not have access to new versions of the software.

Milestone is continually developing its software to ensure it performs with maximum efficiency and reliability. New versions are released regularly and for any organisation that takes the management of their IP-based security systems seriously, it is essential that XProtect is kept up to date. Key benefits of doing this are summarised below.

Performance and reliability

Unless you keep the software updated, its operational performance can degrade over time. Imagine discovering this when you’re trying to retrieve evidence of an incident in a hurry. Improvements in XProtect versions ensure the software continues to capture and analyse recordings efficiently.

Cyber security and GDPR

Keeping XProtect updated helps guard against security vulnerabilities and maintains compatibility with the latest Windows service packs. It’s a requirement of the GDPR external link icon that you implement technical controls, and this means taking steps to protect your systems, devices and data.

Features and bug fixes

Manage your video surveillance more effectively by making use of enhanced functionality introduced in new versions. New versions of XProtect also include fixes for bugs that may be affecting the smooth running of your security system.

Scalability and integration

As your business grows you may need to expand your security system or integrate video surveillance with another system such as access control or intrusion detection. Evolving operational requirements like this may necessitate an upgrade to a more advanced XProtect product and it’s easier and more cost-effective to do this if XProtect is on the latest version.

It’s important to note that Care Plus does not include the actual upgrade of a system, you either need to do this yourself or employ a specialist. We’ve been a Milestone Premier Partner for over 16 years and we’re proven experts in the implementation and support of Milestone-based systems. If you’d like any advice regarding your Milestone system or Care Plus, just get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.

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