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Cabfind see the wider benefits of integrating access control and video surveillance.

Cabfind provides transport-on-demand services to more than 120 corporate accounts across the public and private sector via private hire cars and coaches from its UK wide network of 140,000 vehicles, operated by 2,300 approved suppliers. Clients that use Cabfind online booking and billing platform include Capita, First Great Western, Channel 4, HM Prison Service and TNT.

Cabfind is wholly owned by a multi-national passenger transportation business called Transdev which has annual revenues of €6.6 billion and operates in 20 countries across five continents. Transdev operates private and public transport businesses, moving more than three billion passengers worldwide per annum through its rail, tram, private hire and bus operating companies.


Cabfind has been expanding rapidly, requiring the creation of a new headquarters in Birkenhead for more than 100 employees. Cabfind was looking to secure the building for its staff, up to 30 of whom operate through the night supporting business customers seeking transport. Cabfind wanted a comprehensive, state-of-the-art security system combining access control with IP video surveillance for the safety and security of employees, their belongings and corporate assets.


NW Security Group designed a pure IP-based, fully integrated access control and video surveillance system at Cabfind’s new headquarters, combining Axis IP cameras and door controllers, access control software and a Milestone front-end video management system. NW Security group’ installation team first installed 14 Axis network cameras both inside and outside the new building covering all approaches and entrances to the building as well as the well-lit car parking area to the front of the building. NW Security Group met Cabfind’s demands for HD quality surveillance, by using a mix of high-end Axis network cameras that are able to handle darker lighting conditions and stark backlit areas, thereby providing reliable 24-7 security. Whilst streamlined in design, the Axis cameras are robust with IK10-rated outdoor models and IK08-rated indoor models. They also offer remote zoom and focus to eliminate the need for manual fine-tuning.

NW Security Group then installed AXIS A1001 Open Platform Network Door Controllers at strategic door entrances, together with AXIS A4011-E Readers housed on the outside of each of the building’s door frames. The Axis door control hardware units were uploaded into an open architecture access control software platform to manage Cabfind’s identity cards that enable authorised and authenticated staff to enter the building around the clock. An easy-to-use staff enrollment facility was installed at the same time in the HR department, allowing Cabfind managers to handle the expansion of its staff-base smoothly, whilst keeping access to its premises fully secure.

The Axis access control platform has the added advantage of offering seamless integration with Milestone Systems’ Access Control Module which NW Security Group deployed as an extension to Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) platform, to manage display of live and recorded video alongside door entry and exit events.

As well as offering us a highly streamlined access control and surveillance system in our headquarters today, NW Security Group has developed a fully networked system which is capable of being enhanced further as we strive for further efficiencies. It is possible, for example, that we may use of the swipe card system as a Time & Attendance system to help us better manage our people going forward.

Michael Luddington, CFO of Cabfind

This integration enables Milestone XProtect Smart Client users to view access control and alarm transactions alongside time-synchronised video recordings via networked desktop PCs or smart mobile devices.


NW Security Group has installed a fully integrated access control and IP video systems for the UK’s leading transport-on-demand player Cabfind. By making the integrated system fully IP it has been possible to view video recordings alongside door access events in case of suspected security breaches. The fact that the system uses the Axis and Milestone XProtect platforms also enables key data to be viewed together remotely via desktop or mobile device.

This enables Cabfind to fully secure their staff and headquarters facilities despite the fact that the building is operational around the clock. Use of the system helps the company to automate processes like denying access to staff once their contracts of employment have expired. By the same token as soon as new staff join, and they take delivery of their new identity card, they are able to access pre-designated parts of the building required to do their job.

So the combined system is not only a great security system but also offers operational efficiencies and productivity benefits by automating many of the tasks that previously would have consumed the time of Cabfind’s IT, HR and security teams.

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